Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to Life at Full Tilt...

Text and photo by Full Tilt
April 7, 2009

Life at Full Tilt is a new blog. It will contain some photos, poetry, ruminations on life, news of the day, disability issues, cats, reflections on my eclectic taste in music and books and quite possibly a bit of nonsense as well. I am a mid-life woman, disabled since birth, trying to sort out the changes in mobility in the process of becoming a wheelie, dealing with health, work, animals, friends and quirky family.

I began life as a blogger in January on another blog, but have decided to gain entree into the realms of disability bloggers after reading many and merely lurking. While several bloggers have been generous in responding to my individual e-mails, I have decided it is time to write and discuss in a more open forum, offering this as my first post under the moniker Life at Full Tilt.

Why that name??? Because it aptly describes the times and personality of the blogger behind it. While sorting through thorny issues is a consuming task for anyone, I have found a level of humour, compassion and understanding amongst those who deal with and write about disability in its myriad forms, and life on wheels, that has made me feel comfortable in the face of the world's ever-present ableism and ignorance.

You will note that this blog is still under construction, but your comments are welcome and thanks for visiting. I am currently working on an upcoming post for the Disability Blog Carnival hosted by
Yanub on April 9.


  1. Welcome - glad you've found the Disability Blog carnival- hope you join in BADD 2009 over at Diary of a Goldfish!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I plan on participating in BADD, and will get this blog together in the interim.